How to read blogs and how to write them

There are multiple ways to write a blog and multiple ways to read them. You can write meaningless trivia from your everyday life and have a blog that’s updated constantly, but unless you’re some sort of celebrity or get lucky acquiring a following of sheep that’s more suited for facebook these days. Or you can write rare and high quality posts like I do, in which case the blog won’t be updated constantly.

If you read the first kind of blog you can just check it every day, and possibly several times a day, and there will be something new and inane for you to waste your time with. Just be careful so you don’t get obsessed with reading new posts as soon as they’re posted and check it more often than you check your work email.

If you read the second kind of blog you also can check it every day, but you’ll have a high rate of unnecessary visits, which is a waste and an affront to the deities  of efficiency. You can check it more rarely, which will reduce the number of unnecessary visits, but increase your risk of getting to a new post rather late, which is an affront to the deities of sharing cool stuff before any of your friends find it themselves.

Now you could be lucky and just have notifications about new posts appearing in your facebook feed or some other similar place, but that requires you to be “friendly” with the blogger or the blogger being internet-important enough to have a facebook page that you can connect to, and at the current rate of facebook notifications it might escape your notice or not appear in  your feed due to facebook’s secret algorithm for deciding what’s a top news item, at least if you’re an important person like me and you have multiple friends.

The solution to this problem is the RSS-reader. RSS is a standard for publishing content or content summaries that most blog-software supports. This means you can get yourself an RSS-reader, set it up to check your favorite blogs, and it will tell you whether any of them have something new to offer, and even let you read all or part of those offerings in one easy to access location. RSS can also be used in other ways, but they’re not important right now. Of course, if you only read one, rarely updated, but incredibly high quality blog you have gained nothing, but that just means you need to find a couple more.

Personally I use google reader. Why? Because I already had a google account and found it convenient. It has improved my blog reading experience 2.5 fold and it could do so for you as well.


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  1. i still dont know how to read blogs after reading article

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