Books ( Goodreads)

Books are great! Sure, there are books that are horrible in content or style. But the general concept of a book is one of the greatest things there is. And one of the best things is sharing your favourites with others or calmly and rationally discussing how your favourite book is a literary masterpiece and anyone disagreeing or liking a book you find unimpressive is a dimwitted poo-poo-head.

One site facilitating such discourse is Goodreads. You can register the books you own, or read, or plan on reading. Rate them, comment on them or discuss them. My main use of the site is as the (lessee one, two, …) fourth incarnation of a system for keeping track of books I’ve read so I don’t get disappointed halfway through chapter three when I realise it’s not just that the author is predictable, I have actually read the book before.

It’s also good for showing off that I own well over a hundred books and have read more than 1500.


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