The misandrists and shirtgate

If you didn’t notice the slight kerfuffle about a particular shirt worn by an ESA scientist the other day, this post is mostly not for you, but feel free to read it anyway.

There are lots of misandrists out there. At least if you use the sensible definition of looking down on men, or a subset of men. It’s a real problem. It could be observed just recently when a scientist made the mistake of wearing a shirt with a tasteful tribute to beautiful women and twitter exploded with people expressing their profound disappointment with his choice of apparel and also dared link it to the general problem of women not staying in the STEM fields. The misandrists came out in force. They were the ones thinking it was a horrible offence to express the opinion that the shirt was offensive and thereby forcing a proper man, a man with a beard, to do the unmanly thing and apologise.

Note how these people, who thought the feminist twitterverse’s expression of disappointment was unnecessary, over the top* and downright mean and abusive to a scientist deserving of accolade, can’t accept his change of heart and apology. No, he was obviously forced and bullied into apologising. There’s misandry for you. The narrow view that the negative stereotypes about men are true and should be true. Real men like shirts like that, and real men don’t apologise, so if they do apologise it can’t be because they had a change of heart, or were embarrassed by a thoughtless choice of shirt, and realised this due to mild mannered, non-threatening tweets, it has to be because they were bullied by the PC juggernaut of feminist society.


*personally I think they have a point there. I think it merited the first couple of tweets and large scale retweeting of those tweets, but people should save writing more tweets of their own for bigger issues. But that’s an extenstion of my opinion that people other than me should shut up more often. Partly that’s because I’ve gotten quite good at keeping my trap shut over the years, and I dislike my occasional pearls of wisdom being drowned in the flood of not as eloquent utterings. And partly it’s about … no, I think people shutting up more often covers it.


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