Life ideas

Saying things simply is sometimes good, so to try that out I have written this page about my thinking about life ideas using the Simple Writer made by that guy who writes the funny and thought creating stories with stick figures. The Simple Writer only allows you to use the ten hundred most often used words in this language I’m using, so one would think it might always become simple, but that isn’t always true. You will have to decide yourself.

All of us have some life ideas controlling what we think, decide, say and do, or how we tell if what we think, decide, say and do is good or bad. These life ideas have formed in our brains over time because of how the brain was when we were born, and because of all the things that have happened in our lives and brains so far. Some of these life ideas feel more important to us than others, and some we are more sure are right, and these two feelings often go together. If an idea feels more important, we’ll be more sure it is right and more willing to look for reasons our idea is right and other ideas like it but different are wrong. Sometimes this stops us from thinking clearly about ideas and it is important to understand this about our ideas and about how others feel about their own ideas.

This short page is not about my most important life ideas and how they are right, and how you should understand they are right if they are not already your life ideas. It is about how life ideas are not very often all right and all wrong, and how this makes it good to understand the very strong feelings people have about their life ideas, even ones you think are clearly wrong. So maybe this is about my most important life ideas, but I want those to be ideas about life ideas, rather than life ideas themselves.

1. You could be wrong

My first idea about ideas is that you should be admit to yourself that your ideas might be wrong. If you can’t do that, there is no point in thinking about your ideas at all.† And when thinking about your ideas to consider if maybe they are or could be wrong, it is important you remember your feelings might confuse your thinking. I think feelings are also very important parts of life ideas and ideas without them can be bad, even if they seem right, but that is for another page some other time. So when someone has an idea that is different from the one you have, don’t forget that it could be she is the one who is right.

2. Wrong people feel they are right, how can you change their mind?

Some life ideas are so wrong it is important someone point out they are wrong, but the most important thing isn’t that it’s pointed out they are wrong, it’s that the people who hold those ideas change their minds or at least don’t act on their wrong ideas or spread them to others. That’s why my second idea about life ideas is to always remember that people with very wrong ideas feel they are right ideas. Telling them they are stupid, their ideas are wrong and they should feel bad doesn’t work very often to make this important thing happen, even if it might feel good for you for a while. More often it creates a situation where the wrong person thinks “People who don’t agree with me try to make me feel bad, that must mean they are wrong, which isn’t a surprise because I already knew that, but every bit helps.”

Now deciding from this that one should never tell someone with very wrong ideas that they are stupid and should feel bad is a life idea, but the idea about ideas I wanted to explain is that you should remember about the feelings and think about them, even if you then decide shouting “You are a stupid person!” is a good thing to do. Maybe there is a better way though to turn this person from someone with a bad idea into someone who thinks about their ideas and understands they could be wrong.

3. Should all your ideas work together?

If you could write down all of the life ideas in your brain it is certain some of them would not work together well. Pointing this out when you can see it in what other people have said or done often feels good, but just as you should remember you could be wrong, or that other people also feel they are right, you should remember your ideas don’t all work together either.
Now ideas not all working together is both good and bad. It is bad when it happens often and the person having the ideas just picks one or the other without a reason. In that case you should, if the person is you, think about why this is happening, and if one of the ideas is wrong or if maybe they are both right but not at the same time, and if so, what times one is right, and what times the other one is right.
It is good when it stops your ideas from being so few and your thoughts so simple you are ignoring lots of ideas that could be right sometimes, and lots of times your ideas are wrong. The world, you see, is not simple.

4. How to find out if an idea is right?

This is where things get really hard. How to find out if an idea is right is a life idea in and of itself. Some would say it is a given, something that just is, or comes from the world around us or some being outside the world. Some would say it’s in what we want to happen when we follow the idea. Some what say it’s in what actually happens when we follow the idea. I say that the most important thing is telling the truth about why one thinks the idea is true, and that I myself think the best way to do this is to use more than one of those ways.

And that’s all I have to say today about my simple ideas about life ideas.

†unless you happen to be a very not usual person who only has ideas that are right, but even then you would not have the one important idea about ideas maybe being wrong


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